Monday, July 22

ProShow Gold Free Download

Monday, July 22, 2013
ProShow Gold Features
  1. Adding an unlimited number of layers to any slide
  2. Support for Drag-and-drop
  3. Supports over 100 formats
  4. Transparency support for PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF files
  5. Adding a gradient fill, or as a separate layer to get incredible results
  6. Use transition effects for individual layers
  7. Built-in image correction tools (sharpen, blur, colorize, saturation, etc.)
  8. Creating an enhanced framework for your photo and video
  9. Cutting and turning your photos and videos with precision
  10. Remove red eye using the built-in tool
  11. Scaling the X and Y coordinates for each individual layer
  12. Fully customizable slide preview grid allows you to accurately set the position for your photos and video
  13. Controlling the fonts, sizes and colors of captions to slides
  14. Animating signatures to the slides with various built-in effects
  15. Using sound to your slideshow
  16. Support for WAV and MP3 formats for audio
  17. Preserving audio tracks directly from CD-ROM and direct dragging sounds into your slides.



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