Saturday, August 3

Hercules PC Game Free Download Full Version

Saturday, August 03, 2013
Hercules PC Game

How to Play Hercules Game
First of all (only first time) run HERC.REG
Then Run HERCULES.EXE (special icon)

(Change the screen resolution and keys from main menu
Main menu is hidden in full screen mode
Press alt+tab to switch control to any other window and then come back to game window
Full screen mode will be off. The game will be in a window and you can access menu from there)

Keys” Z, X, C, S, D, Arrow Keys, Esc

Hercules PC Game
File Size: 19.2MB
System Requirements:
  • CPU: 90 Mhz
  • OS: Window,Xp,98 
  • RAM: 16MB 
  • Hard Free Space: 56MB


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